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History (Bold years are years as WGI World Championships Finalists)


2021 - "(Un)Resolved" music: Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber

2020 - "But, I do..." music: Creep by Radiohead/Covered by Brooklyn Duo*

2019 - "A Class for Dummies" music: Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra

2018 - "Sincerely" music: Half The Man by Rozzi Crane

2017 - "You Still Have Time" music: Hurt by Johnny Cash

2016 - "FIME" music: Hot Knife by Fiona Apple

2015 - "Digital Soul" music: Vienna Tang

2014 - "Silence" music: Silence by Eric Whitacre

2013 - "Points of Light" music: State of Independence

2012 - "Books: A Magical Journey"

2011 - "Autumn Joy" music: Selections from Thomas Crown Affair

2010 - "From the Inside" music: In Your Eyes

2009 - "The Dance" music: The Dance

* = Season cut short due to COVID-19

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